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Roger Epperson Music Autograph Expert

Roger Epperson is a music industry autograph authenticator, collector and expert. He has an extensive background as a full-time dealer in the collectibles industry. Roger Epperson is the only dealer in the world that deals exclusively in music industry autographed memorabilia. Roger is an established, valued and trusted autograph authenticator for all genres of contemporary music. From Frank Sinatra to the Beach Boys to U2, Roger’s dedicated research has brought him the recognition that has made him a valuable resource to independent autograph authentication specialists and autograph collectors around the world.

Roger Epperson’s fees are from $75 to $150 for a written letter of authentication. Autographed item must be sent to Roger with insured return postage included. Roger Epperson will study the autographed item and give a written and signed letter of  determination.

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Roger Epperson’s Quick Opinion

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For a $15 Roger Epperson will provide a quick opinion of your item of interest. Roger will let you know if it’s Likely Genuine or Not Likely Genuine. When ordering please provide a link to the item or email an image to